Greg Petersen

Greg started his life off as a baby and grew up in the hills (like you turn off the paved road and lost all hubcaps type hills) near Kamloops, BC and somehow ended up out in Alberta marketing grain. OK, there might have been a girl involved. Anyways, long story short Greg lives in Lacombe with wife, Melissa, and their four kids; 2 girls, 2 boys. Greg soon found out that having 2 girls first is the way to go as girls are way more responsible, those poor boys don't stand a chance. ;) Apart from the occasional meltdown, the Petersen's have found life worth living.

A farmer at heart, Greg is always looking for ways to improve on something or try something new. As a kid, Greg would take almost anything apart and try to put it all back together again. Turns out this mechanical skill meshes well with reading charts and patterns- who knew. It was during these formative years that Greg developed a love for farming and the outdoors. He would spend most of his time outdoors doing something. Greg has fond memories of working many a summer out in Saskatchewan at his Uncle's farm, and as a teenager could be found most winter weekends helping out on the neighbour's cattle ranch- because he loved it.  Keeping up with the whole farming scene Greg decided it would be fun to drive a combine harvester from Texas back to Canada. That's right folks, many a country song has been written about the harvest run. Nothing like it. More of a rite of passage into manhood, than anything else.

Eventually this led Greg to Lakeland College where he earned a diploma in Crop Technology which led him to the University of Lethbridge where he earned a degree in Agricultural Economics. Right out of University Greg was hired by a grain company to buy and sell grain throughout Western Canada. This proved to be right up his alley. Where else do you get paid to talk to farmers all day and listen to their crazy stories. Awesome. Eventually that job came to an end. Now what?


In 2008 Greg started Insight Ag Marketing as a traditional cash brokerage company; however, there was something missing. About a year later an opportunity to work with Agri-Trend Marketing presented itself which proved to be a successful endeavor. A few years later another opportunity was conceived, this time outside of agriculture. Greg had an idea for a specialized camping box which garnered the interest of the Coleman camping company. Unfortunately, the proof of concept failed to meet criteria so the idea was shelved until the world catches up. Through all of this Greg continued to define and refine the meaning of grain marketing and risk management. Perhaps the greatest benefit has been the continuous desire to improve through the implementation of reading and podcasts. Greg has a personal goal to read at least 30 minutes a day and listen to podcasts regularly, because he knows that all leaders are readers.

While the past is all fine and dandy; the future is where it's at. As anyone can tell Greg is passionate about agriculture and where his heart truly lies. Whether it is on a farm or helping a farmer Stress Less and Farm More Greg will be sticking around agriculture for some time to come. It is simply in his nature, in his blood and in his roots. Greg strongly believes in his goal to move each client from the speculation of doom cycle and help them develop a professional risk management strategy that focuses on their goals. This mindset is what makes Greg and Insight Ag Marketing unique amongst the others. Greg recognizes that farmers have ONE chance to market their grain and it is his responsibility to inform them and help them be confident in the decisions they make. This mindset makes all the difference.  It really does.  

Business Hours:

Mon-Fri 7 AM - 8 PM

Basically, Greg will answer his phone or emails regardless of the hour or day.

Mailing Address.

Box 5273, Lacombe,

Alberta, Canada

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